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The A R T • 9 藝術點搞was established in the summer of 2020, the first virtual art space specializing in undergraduate students' creative art in Hong Kong. The art space takes its name from the unique Cantonese concept of "Ngai6 Seot6 Dim2 Gaau2" (Cantonese: 藝術點搞), which means how to make art, a fundamental question for all art students to ask in their learning journey.

The art space is less focused on professional artistic practice from the students as participants, instead, we encourage artistic sharing and creative collaboration as peer learning opportunities whether it could be theoretical learning or practical application. We believe the commitments in providing educational support and artistic knowledge-exchange for student-artists and student-designers and establishing partnerships with different institutions contribute to the goal of growing confidence in making and sharing artistic practice as a student-artist and student-designer.

For student-artists, with student-artists.

If you have any questions about the projects and open calls we host, we are always available to chat.
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