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Geschlossen (Close)



Sound Art (Fixed Media)

Geschlossen is a sound-art piece, text written by Armando Rotondi, with original music score, editing and sound design by Mirko Ettore D’Agostino. It is translated, read and performed by Freya Treutmann. It interrogates the concept of home as stillness and waiting in relation to space and time: a space that is interior but also physical and threatening; a time that is thought as a multiplication of speeches and perceptions. “Geschlossen'' talks about anxiety and desire that cannot be satisfied. The piece won NoLA (Non-Lock Down Arts) as “Best Sound Project” at Les Pépinières Européennes de Création

Script Text in German

Verlassen und Entfernung. Erst mal nur alles. Dann. Die Mauern des Hauses wie es Gefängnis, aus dem du nicht ausbrechen kannst. Mauern als Hindernis, zu hoch, um sie zu erklimmen und die eine Person zu erreichen, die du willst [nach der du dich sehnst]. Und in der Bewegungslosigkeit liegt das Paradox. Die eine Person, die du erreichen willst, wartet nicht auf dich. Also setzt du dich und fragst dich still: kommen wir denn jemals hinaus?

Script Text in English

Abandonment and distance. First a bit of everything. Then. The walls of the house like a prison from which you cannot escape. Walls as obstacles too high to climb in order to reach the One you want. And in not being able to move lies the paradox: who you want to reach is not there waiting for you. So, you sit down and think: will we ever come out?



Armando Rotondi, PhD, is an academic, journalist, writer, and theatre practitioner from Italy, Associate Professor in Performance Theory and Story-Telling and Leader of the MA Acting at the IAB - Institute of the Arts Barcelona. As a practitioner, Armando is a dramaturg, a published narrative writer, staged/published playwright, a director, and a performance maker. He worked with prominent artists such as Andy Arnold, Esteve Soler, Jasmin Vardimon, Guy Bar-Amotz, Andrew McKinnon, Daniel Wetzel, Grigore Gonța. Currently, he is interested in digital/online performance, micro-theatre, and transmedia and alternative storytelling.


Mirko Ettore D'Agostino, PhD, is an Italian scholar, composer, sound artist, music producer, drummer and sound engineer. As sound artist and composer, his artistic output includes acousmatic and experimental electronic music, radio dramas, movie soundtracks, multimedia works and music and sound design for theatre, TV and performing arts. As producer and mastering engineer, he has worked on numerous and various projects for international artists and for renowned companies in the music industry such as Sony.


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