Ava Leung Hoi Ying
The Education University of Hong Kong 
(2021 QS World Rankings in Education: 16th)
Artist Biography:
An artist who is based in Hong Kong. I create my work based on personal emotion. I love to create artwork about the community and what happened in Hong Kong since I am currently living in Hong Kong. My works are mainly what I saw in Hong Kong.
Numbness OR Anesthesia
Video, Digital Collage
We have increased the use of social media since the coronavirus. So, I hope to bring out what I can see in social media in Hong Kong society. Also, I would like people to reflect on what they are seeing on social media. I want to bring out the social problem in Hong Kong as well. This first artwork is showing how the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) makes money by using a post on Instagram. The second work is trying to show how important eating is for Hong Konger. Even if there is coronavirus, they still line up outside the restaurant, just because of their WANT for food. The third work is about my personal feelings about the political issues that happened in Hong Kong. Since there are many presses talking about the political news in our society. I feel so empty and tired of the news on social media. The effect that I am using is trying to make it similar to the Neon Signs in HK.