Doctorat (PhD) en Recherche Multidisciplinaire en Sciences Humaines et Sociales
 (Multidisciplinary Research in Human and Social Sciences)
CY Cergy-Paris Université
Artist Biography:
Diego Orihuela Ibañez is a Peruvian artist and researcher who lives and works in Lima, Peru. He holds a Bachelor and Licence degree in Visual Arts - Painting from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Master CCC degree (Critical Curatorial Cybermedia) sponsored by the Hans Wildorf (Rolex) bourse d’étude with congratulations from the jury and winner of the Excellence Prize awarded by the Haute École d'Art et Design (HEAD) in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a PhD student at the Cergy-Paris University in Paris, France. He is interested in issues around cultural studies, algorythmic logics, queer ecology, theory/fiction and critical methodologies for artistic praxis.
Havva Botrus
1920x1080 HD
My line of research comes from the tensions and frictions between the notions of oikos and polis… The space of the habitable inside and the politicized outside. On the one hand, this binarism makes it possible to critically analyze major concepts that make up the administrative urgencies of the human territory (ecology, ecosystems and economy). Nonetheless, the dichotomous vision of a depoliticized "eco" frustrates the open speculation of new approaches for cohabitation within "Nature." It is, then, necessary and urgent to think alternatively about the construction of the world outside of the anthropocentric and pseudo-objective colonial perception.