World Mental Health Day 2021

During this year’s World Mental Health Day showcase, we invited a student-art therapist to share her struggle, judgement, and self-doubt in the creative art journey. We all experienced different stage for building up foundational knowledge in art, creating studio work, selecting a topic for the arts-based research/honours project in the final year, and making personal creation. Mental health sounds far away from us but it is actually being with all of us during the studies in the university and our creative practices.


Rosie, the trainee art psychotherapist in the United Kingdom, will share the way she built up confidence from her creations, how to embrace our own differences, and the importance of creating and sharing within the art community. We hope the professional ideas and personal tips on building up a healthy life as a creative art undergraduate student in this showcase will get you some insights to see yourself, creation, and the connection between art and mental health.

About Rosie Campbell

I graduated from Hereford College of Arts with a BA Hons in Contemporary Applied Arts in 2014. I focussed mainly on ceramic sculptures, telling stories about my childhood through the creation of colourful animal-human composites. In more recent years my artwork has transitioned into 2D self reflective expressions, mainly oil and acrylic paint on canvas and digital art. My traditional artwork is often inspired by my moods and emotions. As of late, this creative practice has been especially important as it has served as a remedy for my mental health struggles throughout lockdown. On the side, I have recently been experimenting with various forms of digital art including vector, raster and pixel art styles. I have incorporated these styles into video games and animations.


I am looking to combine my traditional art styles with digital art to create exciting new ideas.



Trainee Art Psychotherapist

​MA Art Psychotherapy, University of South Wales, United Kingdom

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bitterglycerin_paints
Digital art: exophagious.itch.io/

About My Work, Embodied

My inspiration started with my own experiences and feelings. My identity as a woman is strong and has been reinforced by the revelation of recent personal health issues. I wanted to tell a story with my work and it to be intimatley connected with me, so I started by looking in the mirror. My interest was drawn to my skin with its blemishes and irregularities. Many stories can be told from looking at the wrinkles, marks and scars on a person’s body. "Embodied" is an amalgimation of the abstract and self portrait. This particular piece is very personal to me and speaks many words. I think it shows a helpnessless as the growth covers the face and body, as well as a sense of acceptance and serenity.


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