There is no such a universal standard for morality in our world because morality may change from time to time, from place to place, or from a person to a person. Do you believe that the nature of human beings is good? How would you describe the relationship between modernity and morality? Have you ever been shocked by the people who have a different moral standard with yours? Many of us have questioned the meaning of morality and humanity but it does not mean that we do not accept the negativity of our modern morality, dark presence, and toxicity.


As the title ‘Metaphysical Ging Zik’ suggests, this virtual exhibition is a collective project exploring the relationship between the negativity of human nature and morality in various perspectives, such as love and hate, internet behavior, digital identity, technology, and nature, religion and virtue. We have seen a lot of issues which challenge our modern morality.


The social unrest, cyber bullying, far-left or far-right politics, lying promises may make the dark arrives, what kind of virtue will stay in our humanity and define us as a human being? The least our exhibition could do is to stand in solidarity with our personal belief. It’s perhaps time we think about the value of modern morality in our belief when we are going through the darkest era, in the face of an unjust world.

Curated By Charlie KWONG


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