Submission FAQ

Am I eligible for the open call event?

[Temporary Measure is Issued] A R T • 9 is an organisation specialising in undergraduate students' creative art, which means graduates who have obtained a Bachelor Degree will not be qualified in the open call for art. Applicants MUST be the CURRENT undergraduate students who enrolled in the higher institution for a Bachelor Degree Programme and the studies must be in a relevant area with a strong connection to creative arts.

I am currently studying for a Master/Doctoral Programme, am I eligible for the open call?

[Temporary Measure] In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the A R T • 9 Gallery, together with the student-artists community, decided to revise the eligibility requirement as a temporary measure, in an effort to help student-artists overcome through these difficult times. If you are a current student who is pursuing a relevant undergraduate degree, or a student who completed the post-secondary studies (Incl.: Post-secondary Diploma, Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Degree, Doctoral Degree) WITHIN TWO years, you are qualified for the submission. However, priority will be given to the students who are pursuing an art undergraduate degree.

How do I submit my application?

Applications should be submitted via the A R T • 9 Online Application System at No other platforms will be accepted. Applicants should read through the important notes contained in the “Open Call” before starting the online application process.

How are dates written in Hong Kong?

Dates written in Hong Kong often formatted in the DD/MM/YYYY style due to British influences.

In which time zone is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Time (HKT), UTC +8. No daylight saving time, same UTC offset all year. [ ]

We are a group of artists, how do we submit a group work?

The open call for entry normally accepts cooperative artwork. However, there should be at least ONE student-artist who is enrolled in a Bachelor programme in a higher institution, such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. For mentioning the details of the team members, there is no such an option on the platform, but you can generate a PDF/DOC file which includes the basic information of your team members, and please upload the document onto Google Drive (or any platforms that you prefer to use).

How to create a shareable URL for the submission?

If you are using Google Drive for uploading your works and documents, please watch the tutorial video on YouTube:

How to withdraw an application?

You may withdraw your application by informing the curatorial committee at You are then excluded from any further stage of the process.

I made a mistake. Can I resubmit the application?

Yes, as long as the submission deadline has NOT PASSED. When an applicant submits a revision of an application that already exists on our system, they will replace the older version of the application.

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