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ConflictHongKong_minorities_tram (Left)


ConflictHongKong_minorities_meal (Right)


Mixed Media

Kasper creates the #ConflictHongKong Project to express the many dilemmas faces by the modern Hong Kong society. He was born in the city during the 80’s. One of the dilemmas he often experiences in the city is that people adopt identity as Hong Kongers, they believe the city is the only place they belong to, the only nation they born from. Kasper believes searching identity can always be a core issue for a colony city like Hong Kong. Such contradiction demonstrates a sense of confusion and anxiety about the future.

He creates this ten years project in order to capture the key themes in the lives of expatriates, ethnic minorities, people in the bottom of the social ladder, marginalised artists, transsexuals, and travellers. Such that he can demonstrate the REAL situation of Hong Kong to the world.



Kasper Forest was born in Hong Kong. He’s engaged in media production. He got in touch with Photography Art in 2011, and kick-started a 10-year themed project “ConflictHongKong” to record the neglected minorities in the city. His other photography projects include: “TheGhostCity”, featuring a paper couple criss-crossing various Hong Kong landmarks, the atmosphere of empty streets under a greyish skyline amidst the pandemic, concealing Hong Kong people’s heavy memories between 2019 and 2020. As well as “ImmediateSexuality”, an LGBT Movement Creative.


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