Charlie Tak Hei KWONG

Charlie obtained his First-Class Honours Degree in creative arts from The Education University of Hong Kong and he is a full time postgraduate student in the Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His expertise included visual arts, media production, philosophy, arts education, special education, early childhood education and elementary education.

Charlie serves as a pre-service teacher in elementary sector, curator and university research assistant. He has explored creative works in several areas including philosophy, Buddhism, spatial thinking, digital culture and political issue. Past creative works have been featured and exhibited in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Areas of Interest:
Visual Arts Education & Blended Learning
Inclusive Education and Art
Early Intervention
(0 to 8 years of age)
Digital Curation
Digital Media



Ava Hoi Ying LEUNG 

Ava has completed her undergraduate studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. She has been studied abroad in Czech Republic, France, Canada, and China. Her specialties lie in intercultural education, public relation, visual arts, advertising design, special education, art, and design education.

Ava has worked in the elementary sector, curation corporation in HK. She has also finished her research in Montreal, Canada, and Hong Kong. Her creative works were exhibited and featured in the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Hong Kong. 

Areas of Interest:
Visual Arts Education

Design Education
Intercultural Education
Special Education 
E-learning Material Creation