Estácio de Sá University
Artist Biography:
Hifa Cybe is a transdisciplinary artist. Hifa integrates the search for solutions through the intersection between art and science. Her artistic investigation involves traumas, mainly sexual, memories, psychiatric and neurological problems where art acts as a social repair.
The Painter
1280 x 720 px
In performance, the constant and repetitive act recalls a sexual act in its masculine version, symbolizing how culturally, the predominance of men in art (whether in the market or in history) continues to occur, the canvas is the symbolization of women and non-binary artists and the white symbolizes an attempt to erase, along with the act that tears the screen, as a constant violation.
Corrupted System
854 x 480 px
The body transits between public and private. It explores the method in porno-graphical digital bases in order to tension the current culture values, exposing it. Everything is discussed on the Internet, transcending the geographical speech; borders, nationalism – behaviors are corrupted as they corrupted to strategically create its power devices – oppression and morality towards female sexuality.