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Skjør Betong 


Analog Photography

This represents something fragile, ephemeral, something fleeting. Like a home, our lives and what we as humans go through to a daily basis. It`s so much beauty, but it can so easily be destroyed. We are so fragile, like nature, we are nature. and the circle goes on. Like this image, beautiful but with a very raw and sudden possibility of destruction on the other. The artwork is called "Skjør betong", which in Norwegian means fragile concrete.


My Favorite Tree


Analog Photography

This image represents stability, freedom and the title is called My favorite tree. It`s what we all need more of in our lives, grounding and nature. And that in it self, to have time to tune in and space to connect, is privilege. I hope for everyone to have this possibility.



Jenny Hviding Visuals is an Oslo-based multidisciplinary artist, working with painting, photography, video and sound; exploring our senses, identity and belonging; through installation based experiences.

After traveling and living abroad for ten years, mainly working within the topics of sociopolitical projects, she came back to Oslo to study; OFKS, an analog photo Art School(2015-2017). Graduating her BA from the Academy, at The National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway. (2017-2020) Her works can be bought on her page on Facebook, at Kösk Gallery,(NO) Noa Art Club (NO) or online at (NO)

Her works have been shown at Kösk Gallery, Tenthaus gallery, The Oslo City Hall Gallery, Cyan gallery, Museum of Cultural History, The Holy Art Gallery- UK, London; Imago Mundi- The Fondazione Giorgio Cini Venice, Italy; Safnahúsið- The Culture House, Reykjavik, Iceland; and Monument Festival to mention some.


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