The Glasgow School of Art  (2021 QS World Rankings in Art & Design: 8th)
Artist Biography:
A Korean artist, based in London, Glasgow, and Seoul. Her artwork has addressed socio-cultural issues of Korean society. In particular, her recent works allude to the results of rapid modernization upon Korean society from the perspective of her generation. She mainly conveys her concepts through narrative and theatrical visualization, components of which emerged from her personal life experience.
A Woman Who Abandoned Her Shadow
Performance Video (00;04;31)
The motivations driving my art practices come mostly from my personal life. My own story plays an integral part in my practice. Behind this, there is my belief that art can communicate integrity when an artist attempts to extend private matters into the public realm. A well-known feminist saying, ‘the personal is political’, neatly summarises the core concept of my practice.
My artwork has mainly addressed socio-cultural issues in Korean society by embodying private and public interpretations of those issues. To the bigger extent, my aim is to record history of our times through my artworks as shedding light on the lives of minorities and socially excluded people. My recent works in particular allude to the issues regarding the stances of non-Korean labourers in Korea, focusing on silenced voices and their repercussions. The theme was examined by investigating the precarity of non-Korean labourers and the role of the authorities. I have addressed the issues in the labour industry with a focus on two different loci: factories and agricultural workspaces.
My primary form in practice is performative sculpture which features the co-existence of dynamic and static vibes. This method highlights my interest in the interconnection between art and activism. That is, artworks, as a means of articulating problems in society, may be too ambiguous to stimulate immediate change; however, I believe that the virtue of using artworks to chart our lives allows for gaps and spaces we can fill with actions, thoughts, and conversations.