Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig / Universität Leipzig
Artist Biography:
Katia Sophia Ditzler, *1992, studied Interdisciplinary Art/Creative Writing and Cultural Anthropology in Leipzig, Berlin, Kiev, and Moscow. In 2017/18 she was a recipient of the Darmasiswa scholarship and studied karawitan, shadow puppetry and dance at ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her work explores the intersections of literature, music, video, performance art as well as immersive media. After working in Melbourne, Australia, at a virtual reality art space she returned to Berlin. Her most recent work explores the political mythologies as well as propaganda mechanisms of the war between Ukraine and Russia. She also solo-hitchhiked from Germany to Singapore when she was 19/20. 
Tribut (Tribute)
Poetry Film
4096 × 3072 px
In my work I combine poetry, music, video art and performance - so in most cases I work interdisciplinary.
I strive to interweave the academic and the artistic. I studied creative writing and focused on an interdisciplinary approach to art, which allowed me to develop the ability to create outside the box. Studying cultural anthropology honed my ability to think critically. I like to specialize in immersive art in the broadest sense since I believe in the great potential that this kind of art has.
My main medium are performative poetry films, both in 2D and as immersive films. I explore magic and create rituals, inducing liminal states of the mind. I am interested in the magical potential of language, music, and art in the tradition of experimental filmmakers like Maya Deren. Coming from a Russian-German family, multiperspectivism and constant questioning is a normal modus operandi for me. Given my background and independently conducted research about propaganda and construction of identity in the post-Soviet space, I am very interested in the emergence of political mythologies, narratives that shape the perception of political realities in given societies.