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Health, Love and Time Dose.jpg
Health Dose拷貝.jpg

Health, Love and Time Dose (Left)


Health Dose (Right)



Digital Painting

Being born into a family with a legacy of traditional Eastern herbal medicine has helped shape my perception of Western practices and the use of acetaminophen pills as a solution for common problems within the human anatomy. I’ve witnessed in Western countries how accessible organic materials used in home remedies have been forgotten and replaced with pharmaceutical drugs. My work reflects on how people have become increasingly disconnected from nature due to busy consumer-oriented lifestyles and the consequent concerns of abusing artificial substances as a social norm within our modern society. It baffles me how even organic substances found in nature, like sugar and salt, are being replaced with artificial substances. Artificial Dose looks at this practice through a critical lens, revealing a haven path to herbal medicine, rooted within my Vietnamese culture.



My Linh Mac is a multi-media artist based in Chicago. As an accomplished artist, her works portray beauty in humble places with her signature style of deep and vibrant accent colors. Mac discovered nontraditional techniques bring further variety to her paintings through the use of color and materials manipulations. Her niche is the ability to produce art within one medium that looks as if it were created within a different medium. Mac’s multi-media artworks are represented by Brauer Museum- Indiana, Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery- Australia, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum- Korea and in many exhibitions around the world.


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