Tak Hei KWONG Charlie
The Education University of Hong Kong 
(2021 QS World Rankings in Education: 16th)
Artist Biography:
Tak Hei KWONG Charlie, a British citizen based in Hong Kong. Charlie completed his undergraduate studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. His specialties lie in visual arts, digital arts, art education, and special education.
Charlie works as a pre-service teacher in elementary sector, curator, and new media artist who creates different works which explore philosophy, Buddhism, spatial thinking, digital culture, and political issues. His creative works were exhibited and featured in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong.
Stalking is Fun, isn't it ?
Stalking is like a serious crime in this digital era. Victims who are being stalked can always put the blame on the stalker. Putting the blame on the stalker seems like an act of justice. However, do you know the actual feeling from the stalker? Do you think stalking is so much fun?
‘Stalking is fun, isn’t it?’ is a representation of the inner space of stalker, to depict and construct the psychological responses in his mind. The video visualizes the chemical reaction between the past memories in my mind, the curial reality that I faced in the past, and the stalking experiences on social media.